Flying Eyes Sunglasses website

E-commerce website

Client: Summer Hawk Optics, Inc

What I did:

I designed and developed a website to accommodate the expanding product line of Flying Eyes sunglasses, making it both consumer and client-friendly. The new site better matched the adventuring outlook of the brand, and increased average monthly sales by 45%.

Flying Eyes website seen on various devices

The brief

Flying Eyes sunglasses are Summer Hawk Optics’ flagship product, providing comfortable, high-end eyewear for anyone requiring headgear.

They sought a new website to coincide with the introduction of an improved product line. They also wanted a website that was able to grow with the company as it added new products and purchasing capabilities.

My role

My aim was two-pronged: to build a robust new structure to the site for customers to customize their sunglasses, and to also clarify the product’s value proposition.

Competitive analysis

I looked at websites of top luxury sunglasses sites, to see what the e-commerce standards were.

Collage of Flying Eyes competitive analysis

Flying Eyes competitive analysis, examining structure and content

Learning more about Flying Eyes sunglasses, I also drew inspiration from the design and the adventurous, immersive brand attitude of GoPro. In fact, they had a tagline that could actually work for Flying Eyes: Be a Hero. Though honestly, I think Flying Eyes wearers, which include first responders and surgeons, deserve that moniker more than GoPro users!

Home page of GoPro cameras

Home page of GoPro cameras, noting the immersive and in-your-face boldness

Content inventory

I then looked at the content of the existing Flying Eyes site, which had been built to sell only one product with a limited number of lens options. I also discussed future product and workflow plans with the client, to get a better idea of what the structure of the new site should look like.

Information architecture

I made two site maps to visualize the architecture – one which displayed proposed page templates, and one that contained specifications to keep track of the information per page.


With the information organized, I made wireframes of the main page templates. My aim was to make relevant features extremely visible to specific customer types, persuading them that Flying Eyes were the right choice for their various adventures.

WordPress customization

Upon approval of the wireframes, I went right into the browser to build the site in WordPress using the Genesis framework and WooCommerce. I built the site to be fully responsive at all screen sizes.

I customized the following workflows to improve the client’s managing of the site. Most of these were made to avoid formatting in WordPress’s notoriously fickle WYSIWYG content editor.

  • Add and organize landing pages
  • Add and edit lens option information
  • Add and edit “use case” pages
  • Add and manage testimonials
  • Create new purchasing flow for prescription sunglasses, partly automated
  • Easily change the background image for parallax scrolling (see the solution in my blog!)

Final design


Since the launch of the redesign, average monthly sales have increased by 45%.