Hi, I’m Anita, and I do gleefully informed design

I’m a liquid-mover turned pixel-mover, aiming to empower people through user experience design, visual design, and front-end development

Here is some of my work

(Or see them all!)

Flying Eyes Sunglasses website

Mockups of Flying Eyes website on various devices

I designed and developed a website to accommodate the expanding product line of Flying Eyes sunglasses, making it both consumer and client-friendly. The new site better matched the adventuring outlook of the brand, and increased average monthly sales by 45%.


Why So Serious? Redux website

Why So Serious Redux home page as shown on laptop screen

I designed and developed WhySoSeriousRedux.com from concept to launch.

It is an online archive of Why So Serious?, the viral marketing campaign for the film The Dark Knight. It is the only website of its kind, encompassing 450+ pieces of information, documenting the largest alternate reality game ever produced. It provided a way for dedicated players to emotionally engage with the experience once more.


“Piece o’ Cake” PCR prototype

Plate layout screen, with additional options clearly accessible

“Get results. Save the world.” Through personal experience, user research, and testing, I redesigned the interface of a machine standard in molecular biology labs. The aim was to make it more intuitive and reassuring to use for scientists.