Hi, I’m Anita, and I do gleefully informed design

I’m a liquid-mover turned pixel-mover, aiming to empower people through user experience design, visual design, and front-end development

Here is some of my work

(Or see them all!)

Southern California AP Institute

SCalifAP website on a laptop

I redesigned and overhauled the 10-year-old code for the Southern California AP Institute website, switching from a table layout to one controlled by CSS. The visual redesign bolstered the outward credibility of the organization, shown by a 20% immediate increase in registrations and the opening of new class sections to accommodate additional demand.


LiveWell San Diego hackathon website

LiveWellSD home page

As part of a 3-person team, we produced a website over 36 hours for local San Diego policymakers and civilians with an interest in population health. The aim was to show the relationship between 3 behaviors and 4 chronic diseases, that cause more than 50% of deaths in the US.


Why So Serious? Redux

Why So Serious Redux home page as shown on laptop screen

WhySoSeriousRedux.com is an online archive of Why So Serious?, a 2007-2008 alternate reality game for the film The Dark Knight. It is the only website of its kind, encompassing 450+ discrete events and pieces of information.