Image of Anita in a lab coat, covered in rubber ducksYeah, sometimes it feels like that!

This amazingly fitting photograph was taken by the irrepressible Jing-Wuen Marshall

Hi there! I’m Anita, an information architect, content strategist, and front-end developer. Also, information-wrangler and do-gooder. I’m currently making more sense out of the San Francisco affordable housing program.

I believe in information

A love of information first led me to biology, then medical illustration, and finally to information architecture and user experience design. I believe in the ability of information to make greater sense of our world, if it can be harnessed and structured. My first website contained 450 pages, so I’m definitely not afraid of content!

I believe in people

I believe in humanity’s boundless yearning to help and to understand. I believe in our ability to lend our knowledge to lift others up, so we can all make larger strides in progress together. That’s why I mentor regularly at UXPALA and Girl Develop It events, as well as hackathons like UX+DEV SUMMIT and Global Service Design Jam. I also do public speaking, so far at SoCal Code Camp and UXPALA, while honing my skills with Toastmasters.

I believe in technology

Never has the potential of information with people been realized more greatly than in the use of technology. Information can be spread more widely and more quickly than ever. It can be used to empower people to a degree never seen before, or it could be used to disenfranchise them in turn. I regularly use Twitter at design events to share information with a global audience, at a rate of one tweet a minute. (Learn all my secrets on my blog, and you can find me at various design events around SF!)

I quit cancer research 4 years ago for user experience design so I could help people faster. I’m here to make it count. (But also here for fuzzy animals and knitting!)

Tweet me: @anitaycheng
Email me: design@anitacheng.com
Connect me: LinkedIn.com/in/anitaycheng