Feminine Myth: A Tori Amos CD Anthology

Graphic design, packaging

For Tori Amos

What I did:

A CD anthology encompassing 20 years of Tori Amos’s career, focusing on her interest in feminine archetypes.

CD anthology packaging


Having once been a teenaged female, Tori Amos was a very influential part of my developing years. Among her numerous album compilations throughout her 20-year career, I was surprised that there was nothing to commemorate her fascination with various feminine archetypes in numerous myths and religions.

For this project, I aimed to design a collector’s edition CD anthology targeted at the Tori fans who would follow her on tours, having listened to her music since their formative years. This would be special and personal, just for them.

Content strategy

The most maligned feminine concept that frankly needed some empowering is the myth of Pandora’s box.

In my historical research, I found that Pandora was originally associated with the earth (and presumably non-godly things) which turned off the poet who wrote how she screws over mankind. I sought to shift the common perception of Pandora and give some integrity back to her story.

Within this new version of Pandora’s box would be hope instead of despair, in the “winged” (i.e., vellum-covered) form of Tori’s music. Throughout the designs, I reflected on the idea of earthly cycles and its power, driven by the imagery of Tori in concert as well as the music itself.

Final design

Open box and CDs

Information label design

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