UXPALA presents An Evening with Jared Spool: Beyond the UX Tipping Point

UXPALA once again had the privilege of hosting the inimitable Jared Spool, to educate LA-area UX designers about working in the field of user experience! Jared’s been in the business since 1988, and goes way beyond the superficialities about say, which tools to use, right into how user-centered design should be done. This is where the rubber meets the road, folks!

Personally, I’d listened to UIE podcasts for months while making the transition from cancer research to UX. The knowledge I gained helped me prepare for my first job in UX, and be effective, even though that first job happened to be in government!

Meeting him for the first time was meeting an idol. I’m not entirely sure I made a good first impression (do we ever when meeting our idols?), but Jared is always extremely generous with his knowledge, and happy to share whatever he can. He is still one of the most prolific speakers and writers and thinkers working in this field, and we all need people like him to continue spreading the good word. He’s always a delight!

Now onto the tweets, this time armed with a faster, better iPhone!