Projects involving visual design

The visual experience is the last piece of the puzzle, although the first thing noticed!

Flying Eyes Sunglasses website

I designed and developed a website to accommodate the expanding product line of Flying Eyes sunglasses, making it both consumer and client-friendly. The new site better matched the adventuring outlook of the brand, and increased average monthly sales by 45%.

Go Beyond Oil PSA

A PSA poster set meant for Greenpeace UK’s “Go Beyond Oil” campaign, highlighting the moral quandary of fighting for foreign oil. I emphasized the dichotomy of themes discussing these issues.

Life According to DFW – David Foster Wallace book set

A book set dedicated to the nonfiction essays of David Foster Wallace, conceived around his ability to focus on the small details of life.

Feminine Myth: A Tori Amos CD Anthology

A CD anthology encompassing 20 years of Tori Amos’s career, focusing on her interest in feminine archetypes.

Southern California AP Institute website

I redesigned and overhauled the 10-year-old code for the Southern California AP Institute website, switching from a table layout to one controlled by CSS.

The visual redesign bolstered the outward credibility of the organization, shown by a 20% immediate increase in registrations and the opening of new class sections to accommodate additional demand.

LiveWell San Diego hackathon website

As part of a 3-person team, we produced a website over 36 hours for local San Diego policymakers and civilians with an interest in population health.

We received 3rd place in the Harnessing Local Data to Help Prevent Four Major Diseases in San Diego County” Code-A-Thon sponsored by Health 2.0.

Why So Serious? Redux website

I designed and developed from concept to launch.

It is an online archive of Why So Serious?, the viral marketing campaign for the film The Dark Knight. It is the only website of its kind, encompassing 450+ pieces of information, documenting the largest alternate reality game ever produced. It provided a way for dedicated players to emotionally engage with the experience once more.