Projects where I did research

Cracking my knuckles and hunkering into the internet. Includes competitive analysis and user research.

Los Angeles Dept of Building & Safety

I reorganized content for a 15-year-old city department site to clarify department services. I also redesigned and developed the content management system to optimize maintenance. The new website improved findability by 30%, and increased usage by 20%. The project was launched in less than one year.

HitRECord workflow redesign

Researching, asking, ideating, designing, and testing how might work better for its members, given its sudden drastic shift to producing TV episodes. Using user research and testing, my preliminary wireframes have achieved >80% task success with existing members.

Flying Eyes Sunglasses website

I designed and developed a website to accommodate the expanding product line of Flying Eyes sunglasses, making it both consumer and client-friendly. The new site better matched the adventuring outlook of the brand, and increased average monthly sales by 45%.

Go Beyond Oil PSA

A PSA poster set meant for Greenpeace UK’s “Go Beyond Oil” campaign, highlighting the moral quandary of fighting for foreign oil. I emphasized the dichotomy of themes discussing these issues.

Life According to DFW – David Foster Wallace book set

A book set dedicated to the nonfiction essays of David Foster Wallace, conceived around his ability to focus on the small details of life.

Feminine Myth: A Tori Amos CD Anthology

A CD anthology encompassing 20 years of Tori Amos’s career, focusing on her interest in feminine archetypes.

Interlucent – Hospital price transparency app

I teamed up with a healthcare compliance expert to compete in the RWJF Hospital Price Transparency Challenge, I produced an interactive prototype for a web-based service aimed at healthcare consumers and payers, to research hospital quality and Medicare prices for a selection of procedures.