Projects where I made personas

Knowing who you are designing for is a good thing!

HitRECord workflow redesign

Researching, asking, ideating, designing, and testing how might work better for its members, given its sudden drastic shift to producing TV episodes. Using user research and testing, my preliminary wireframes have achieved >80% task success with existing members.

Interlucent – Hospital price transparency app

I teamed up with a healthcare compliance expert to compete in the RWJF Hospital Price Transparency Challenge, I produced an interactive prototype for a web-based service aimed at healthcare consumers and payers, to research hospital quality and Medicare prices for a selection of procedures.

“Piece o’ Cake” PCR prototype

“Get results. Save the world.” Through user research and testing, I redesigned the interface of a machine standard in molecular biology labs. The aim was to make it more intuitive and reassuring to use for scientists.

Why So Serious? Redux website

I designed and developed from concept to launch.

It is an online archive of Why So Serious?, the viral marketing campaign for the film The Dark Knight. It is the only website of its kind, encompassing 450+ pieces of information, documenting the largest alternate reality game ever produced. It provided a way for dedicated players to emotionally engage with the experience once more.