SoCal Code Camp 2016 – the UX/PM edition!

SoCal Code Camp 2016 took place at USC, which was nice because it was a quick train ride on the Expo Line. This was my second time speaking, and I learned a ton! Every time I go and do this, it gets easier. (Hence all the Toastmaster-ing!)

SoCal Code Camp is great because they open it up to absolutely anyone who wants to give a talk. One speaker I met at lunch didn’t quite realize that it was literally “Whatever you propose, we’ll schedule.” She submitted four talks, thinking only one of them would be accepted…and ended up giving all four! You gotta be careful!

Normally, you’d think that opening up a conference to a bunch of non-professional speakers would be a disaster, but that’s the funny thing about public speaking. The ones who volunteer to speak in front of their peers take the responsibility very seriously! There’s always a lot of great information to learn. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s technically-minded and wants to give public speaking a try.

This year, all the UX/PM talks happened to be on Saturday morning. A casual UX/PM track of sorts! Here are my tweets from the other talks relating to UX/PM that don’t pertain to mine…