Breaking out into subject matter groups

Different Approaches to Product Management – PMA.LA

Given that I’m taking on more and more roles that resemble “product management” than anything else, I figured it was high time to learn more! One thing you learn as a UX designer, is that most of your effectiveness will be in interacting not with pixels, but with other people.

I’ve always been an over-helper and mentor, but giving someone advice is very different than working with them (and groups of them, to boot!). Why not learn from what has been done before? I found that with PMA.LA, a volunteer-run group of product managers who make efforts to share knowledge to others. Always a fan of that!

Now onto the tweets!

One thing that really impressed me about the session, was that most of it was apparently improvised, after seeing what attendees were doing and what would naturally follow as part of our learning. It seems almost impossible at first, but I’m pretty sure that this kind of thing gets easier the more often you practice it. It takes practice for your brain to observe the rhythms of people, then come up with suggestions of an interactive educational things that one has collected before. Never a dull moment!