Celebrating collaboration – Civic Bridge Demo Day at City Hall

About Civic Bridge

“City services touch the lives of people every day and they can be enhanced if we bring in new and creative ideas from outside City Hall. We are so lucky that San Francisco is home to the world’s greatest talent and game-changing innovative companies that give us a tremendous opportunity to make our City a better place. And that we live in a City where our companies want to give back and support their communities. That’s why we created the Civic Bridge program.” –Mayor Edwin M. Lee

From the Mayor’s Office:

Civic Bridge is a program of the Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation (MOCI) that recruits private sector professionals to volunteer 8-16 weeks of their time to work alongside government employees on critical City issues. City staff and private sector volunteers work on projects related to strategic planning and facilitation; user research and service design; data and analytics; communications and marketing; and technology prototyping. Since its inception in 2015, Civic Bridge volunteers have contributed more than 8.500 hours of services worth more than $2million.

Or, when public sector employees join forces with private sector volunteers, amazing things can happen!

Or or or, in which I gleefully take advantage of my place as a City techie and turn into a nerdy sponge at staff-only presentations! The demo day was a chance for the teams to talk about their work. But more important, give tips about collaborating across sectors. Which I’m all about, because we should always learn from those who came before us!

My department’s new DAHLIA affordable housing portal came out of a Civic Bridge partnership a few short years ago, so my interest was definitely piqued.

And since nobody told me not to tweet…here are my tweets!