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Tips for a new design grad

Recent design grad, I can’t assure you that I know what I’m doing. I’m only a few years off of a career change into design myself, from a completely unrelated field. I still remember how I felt when I was totally green. But hey, I’m still here and actually being given more responsibilities the longer… Read More »

Building a network, for introverts!

In this era of job hunting, we hear it all the time: “To find a job, it’s all about networking!” Indeed, studies have shown that up to 85% of all jobs are filled via networks, although “networking” seems mysterious and insurmountable when you’re just starting out. And especially when you’re not a naturally gregarious extrovert!… Read More »

GovTech: The Job You Never Thought You’d Love

Psssst. Hey. Hey you. You new-grad/career-changer/just-curious looking into this coding stuff. I bet you’ve heard how hot the technology sector is, how it’s so easy to find a job. At the same time, you’ve also heard (and vehemently disagree with) the assertion that people nowadays, not just Millennials, only care about themselves and getting theirs.… Read More »

Ask “Why?”

Ever feel so tired and stressed, you can’t figure out how you ended up doing what you’re doing? Between work and / or school, family, friends, errands of adult life, we are running from one thing to another, not having a second to stop and take a breather. We just can’t afford the time. “It’s… Read More »


How many of you have a smartphone? How many of you sleep with it next to your bed at night? Don’t be shy! Pew Research says 44% of smartphone owners have done exactly that. Marketing research has also shown that 75% of smartphone owners use their smartphones in the bathroom. Clearly, we love being connected, all… Read More »

Why rejection was the best thing that ever happened to me

Okay, that’s kind of a lie. Rejection does suck on some level, always. But since it’s already happened to you and life is short, might as well learn from it, that’s my motto! Learn how to approach the situation differently, learn the situations to avoid, and maybe even let it shift your worldview a little. I… Read More »

On being a “freakin’ unicorn” (aka a stutterer)

I found out recently that I’m a “freakin’ unicorn.” A TEDx speaker had described herself as one, and I realized I was part of her esteemed group. 1% of the population stutters. 80% of that 1% are men. I’m a stutterer, and I’m a woman. Yup, I’m a “freakin’ unicorn.” It always surprises me when… Read More »