Events I've gone to

If it's in LA/SF and has anything to do with working in UX, I probably was there. Here are all my live event tweets!

Check out my Storify for online webinar tweets as well.

Evenings at the Loft: Empathy

Enjoyed another “Evenings at the Loft” event, with different speakers discussing how empathy manifests in different workplaces. This one was cool because I was honestly curious how people could define “empathy” differently in UX. Given that I currently work in the government space, we don’t have much opportunity to directly empathize with end users (i.e.… Read More »

Getting Design a Seat at the Table – Designer Hangout AMA

This week’s Designer Hangout AMA was all about getting cultural changes relating to UX at established companies, especially at a non-traditional tech company! That’s always a plus when trying to learn actionable things I can apply to my government job! 😉 Here are my tweets from the AMA, with Bobby Meeks at AutoZone. (Yup, that Autozone!) [View the… Read More »

SoCal Code Camp 2016 – the UX/PM edition!

SoCal Code Camp 2016 took place at USC, which was nice because it was a quick train ride on the Expo Line. This was my second time speaking, and I learned a ton! Every time I go and do this, it gets easier. (Hence all the Toastmaster-ing!) SoCal Code Camp is great because they open it… Read More »

World Usability Day LA 2016 – Green UX & VR

I dare say UXPALA put on a great event, connecting user experience, sustainability, and virtual reality! It was an honor to introduce my Toastmasters friend (and club president) Jonathan “The Zero Waste Guy” Levy to non-Toastmasters public speaking. He did a fantastic job at explaining how his business of making companies more green helps streamline… Read More »

Code for America Summit 2016, Day 2

Trying to survive this conference with a cold that got worse throughout the week, but whatever it takes to improve government services, I say! Wouldn’t have missed it for the world. (We have things for colds, like daily neti pot sinus rinses and Ricola cough drops! Definite lifesavers.) My tweets from the day: [View the… Read More »

Code for America Summit 2016, Day 1

My first time hanging out with other govtech folks! My people! Sometimes it feels like we’re islands completely cut off from the outside world, but the Code for America Summit was a fantastic chance of connecting with others. It was so eye-opening to meet people from other cities doing what I’m doing. Some who have… Read More »

Code for America Summit 2016 – IDEO workshop

My first foray into the Code for America Summit! To be honest, I expected something different from a “How might we?” session, which I’ve done before (and with IDEO to boot, at Stanford Medicine X), but really, any opportunity to work with IDEO folks is always inspiring. I’m endlessly impressed at how they’re effortlessly creative, and effectively… Read More »

“How People Really Hold and Touch (their phones)” with Steven Hoober and IxDA

Designing for the web is pretty straightforward nowadays – people have been doing it for decades and there is plenty of research and common knowledge about how things should look and work on desktop browsers. But are mobile websites and apps just smaller versions of whatever is shown on desktop? Steven Hoober has done A… Read More »

Bierut in LA presented by AIGA LA

No matter what your opinion about the aesthetics of Pentagram’s work, they are nevertheless the most eminent branding firm in the world. So of course when Pentagram partner Michael Bierut was scheduled to be in LA, of course I had to check it out! Even if you don’t do visual design, all designers can learn from the problem-solving… Read More »