Events I've gone to

If it's in LA/SF and has anything to do with working in UX, I probably was there. Here are all my live event tweets!

Check out my Storify for online webinar tweets as well.

Celebrating collaboration – Civic Bridge Demo Day at City Hall

About Civic Bridge “City services touch the lives of people every day and they can be enhanced if we bring in new and creative ideas from outside City Hall. We are so lucky that San Francisco is home to the world’s greatest talent and game-changing innovative companies that give us a tremendous opportunity to make… Read More »

How to Prioritize, by Google PM Jeff Betts

Since I’m doing a lot of product-manager-like things, I decided to sign up for product management meetups. Which is how I found myself at one of the select Product School events that looked useful for my day-to-day job. Figuring out what to do first is always the biggest issue for a busy multi-tasker. It was fascinating… Read More »

Affordable housing made easier – the DAHLIA Housing Portal at Civic Hack Night

This so happened to be the first civic tech presentation at Code for San Francisco. And what do you know, it happened to involved the very department I’m working for! (For the record, we pronounce it “moh-see-dee” because “The Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development” is just too darned long!) This was a treat… Read More »

UXPALA presents An Evening with Jared Spool: Beyond the UX Tipping Point

UXPALA once again had the privilege of hosting the inimitable Jared Spool, to educate LA-area UX designers about working in the field of user experience! Jared’s been in the business since 1988, and goes way beyond the superficialities about say, which tools to use, right into how user-centered design should be done. This is where the… Read More »

World IA Day Los Angeles 2017

I had the honor and privilege of being “official live-tweeter” of the @WIADLA Twitter handle on World Information Architecture Day 2017. Bwahaha, I have the power! Honestly, I would have done it like normal, from my own account, but it’s nice to do it in an official capacity too. 🙂 Made it possible to free up another… Read More »

Everything you need to know about live-tweeting

Despite continued insistence that Twitter is on its way out, it’s still one of the best resources for design right now. Tech moves so fast, that by the time information reaches a book, it’s often already 6 months outdated. Twitter is the most immediate way to see what experienced designers are up to, and you… Read More »

Different Approaches to Product Management – PMA.LA

Given that I’m taking on more and more roles that resemble “product management” than anything else, I figured it was high time to learn more! One thing you learn as a UX designer, is that most of your effectiveness will be in interacting not with pixels, but with other people. I’ve always been an over-helper… Read More »

An Evening with Ray Kurzweil at Pomona College

Despite the long drive after work, I decided to return to my old stomping grounds at Pomona College to hear inventor and technologist Ray Kurzweil speak. After weeks of sheer pessimism about the future thanks to politics, I just needed an injection of scientific optimism! Ray Kurzweil was just the right person to give it.… Read More »

Ladies that UX: Money Matters

I attended Ladies that UX: Money Matters because, well, money does matter, and we don’t talk about it! We like to think of design as noble and self-sacrificing, but we still gotta pay for a roof over our heads and food on the table. Also, we honestly can’t do our best work if we’re stressing about… Read More »

Unified Design Systems – a Designer Hangout AMA

Thought I’d attend this one because a lot of enterprise (cough government) organizations are dealing with design on a massive scale. Just how do you get it all working together, and in a way that doesn’t make you bash your head against the wall? Once again, Jake Rogelberg lead a very informative AMA with a designer… Read More »