Some of my thoughts on design, life, and code. Oh, and slowly collecting all of my event live-tweeting!

Ask “Why?”

Ever feel so tired and stressed, you can’t figure out how you ended up doing what you’re doing? Between work and / or school, family, friends, errands of adult life, we are running from one thing to another, not having a second to stop and take a breather. We just can’t afford the time. “It’s… Read More »

Git for non-developers (and total newbies)

If you’re just here for the quick references, click here! If you are in any way associated with code, you will likely be tasked to learn Git sooner or later. After all, not all updates to code require a developer’s expertise. If you just need to go in and change some wording to a webpage,… Read More »


How many of you have a smartphone? How many of you sleep with it next to your bed at night? Don’t be shy! Pew Research says 44% of smartphone owners have done exactly that. Marketing research has also shown that 75% of smartphone owners use their smartphones in the bathroom. Clearly, we love being connected, all… Read More »

How I did user research on hitRECord, from user-generated content

Let’s be honest here. “User research” seems like this giant mysterious thing that you can only have if your company has a dedicated UX department with trained UX researchers, and the financial resources to pay users generously for their time in talking with you. If you don’t have that, might as well throw up your hands… Read More »

How to implement parallax scrolling with the featured image in WordPress Genesis

If you’re just here for the code, go to the project on GitHub! This is a solution I made while working on the Flying Eyes site – check that out as a demo of this solution. Since I like making things easier to use for everybody, including clients, I figured it would be a great idea to be… Read More »

Why rejection was the best thing that ever happened to me

Okay, that’s kind of a lie. Rejection does suck on some level, always. But since it’s already happened to you and life is short, might as well learn from it, that’s my motto! Learn how to approach the situation differently, learn the situations to avoid, and maybe even let it shift your worldview a little. I… Read More »

“How People Really Hold and Touch (their phones)” with Steven Hoober and IxDA

Designing for the web is pretty straightforward nowadays – people have been doing it for decades and there is plenty of research and common knowledge about how things should look and work on desktop browsers. But are mobile websites and apps just smaller versions of whatever is shown on desktop? Steven Hoober has done A… Read More »

On being a “freakin’ unicorn” (aka a stutterer)

I found out recently that I’m a “freakin’ unicorn.” A TEDx speaker had described herself as one, and I realized I was part of her esteemed group. 1% of the population stutters. 80% of that 1% are men. I’m a stutterer, and I’m a woman. Yup, I’m a “freakin’ unicorn.” It always surprises me when… Read More »

When things work, until they don’t

So I quit my job a little more than a month ago. I did cancer research, and I decided to go into user experience design. A number of people, when I told them, kind of scoffed at the idea and probably thought that I had to turn in my hippie idealist card. Design? Isn’t that… Read More »

Bierut in LA presented by AIGA LA

No matter what your opinion about the aesthetics of Pentagram’s work, they are nevertheless the most eminent branding firm in the world. So of course when Pentagram partner Michael Bierut was scheduled to be in LA, of course I had to check it out! Even if you don’t do visual design, all designers can learn from the problem-solving… Read More »